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Accessing the Ability of All Canadians

You walk to into the office, juggling a cup of coffee in one hand and your laptop in the other, rushing to your desk where your phone is ringing. This may seem like a typical hectic day at the office for you, but for countless Canadian adults with a physical disability, this would be an impossible day. The environment your business creates has the potential to either access the full ability of your employees or create additional barriers for them.

Canada is inadequately addressing the barriers to accessibility nearly four million Canadians with a mobility, vision or hearing disability face. A barrier-free environment not only betters the quality of life for persons with disabilities, but also dramatically increases labour force participation and consumer spending within our economy. Our members have vocalized finding and retaining skilled staff among their top issues, yet there is an entire pool of educated and qualified Canadians with disabilities who are waiting to be hired.

Are You in Hot Water? Making Sure You Protect Yourself from Water Damage


Spring thaws, excessive rain and climate change are all wreaking havoc on local communities across the country. The varying degrees of water damage across Canada is leaving many policy holders stunned when they realize they do not have the right insurance coverage in place to help clean up, and in some cases rebuild, homes and businesses.

The good news is that most insurance companies offer water damage insurance, sewer backup insurance and flood insurance, although important to note they all mean very different things:

Water Damage: Almost all residential and commercial policies have coverage for “water damage”, this provides coverage for damage caused by sudden and accidental water escape – like a hose bursting on your washing machine. However, that wet spot in your basement that is probably the result of a crack in your foundation and is likely not covered.  In fact, it is probably excluded under “leakage and seepage”.  It is always best to call your insurance professional and see if your insurer offers a “leakage and seepage damage endorsement”.

Dispute Resolution Mechanisms: Another Tool for Your Business

As disputes are an inevitable part of running a business, it is important businesses put contracts in place to lock in the price to be paid for the product or service, outline expectations for both parties and protect both parties if those expectations are not met.

AccessAbility - The $16.8-billion GDP Boost Canadians Need

Accessibility in Canada is inadequately addressing the barriers nearly four million Canadians face. Within the next 20 years, that number is expected to soar to over nine million, but by creating a more accessible Canada, there is a potential to unlock $16.8 billion in GDP by increasing our economy’s productive capacity by 2030, according to the Conference Board of Canada.

Mental Health Week: A Time to Invest in Your Workplace

With most adults spending more of their waking hours at work than anywhere else, promoting mental health in the workplace is one investment you cannot afford to ignore.

How Commerce Enabling Technology Can Help Your Business


We live in a technology fueled society and if businesses do not adapt, they risk getting left behind. It may seem daunting to introduce innovative technology solutions within your organization, but the positive rippling effect it could have on your business is immeasurable. So how can businesses utilize technologies to become more current, competitive and ultimately, increase profits? The following four areas will outline what is necessary for effective commerce:

Payment Processing - Provide your customers with the payment options they want with the most suitable point-of-sale software for your business. Providing an easy transaction process will enhance the customers experience that much more.

The Importance of Fostering More Innovative SMEs Through IP

Today is World Intellectual Property (IP) Day, to help us celebrate, our partners at Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada have shared with us their perspective on our partnership and the importance of the day.

“On April 26, we celebrate World IP Day through highlighting the role that IP rights play in encouraging innovation and creativity. IP rights offer not only protection, but can also drive commercial success. Canadian businesses, whether large or small, should take stock of their IP assets and develop a solid IP strategy.

Building a Sustainable Workforce with the Integration of AI Solutions

Canada has emerged as a leader in the global race to develop artificial intelligence (AI) and we need to ensure the continued freedom to operate and our country’s business competitiveness. Through a series of roundtables this spring, we are identifying positive outcomes for AI, exploring the range of policy options for investment, innovation, integration and workforce sustainability.

Key takeaways from our discussion on AI and the workforce include...

Cultivating Competitiveness: Turning Agri-food Regulatory Reform Promises into Action


Providing employment for 246,000 Canadians Food and beverage processing is the largest manufacturing industry in the country.  As a result, Canada is the 5th largest agricultural commodity exporter and 11th largest exporter for manufactured food products in the world.  Seems good, doesn’t it?  Maybe, but on closer inspection it is not that easy to digest.   

In this recent report from our Regulate Smarter series, we outline how the success of Canadian farmers and food manufacturers is connected to the performance of the regulatory systems that govern their activities. We take a close look at the major inconsistencies and outline what the government needs to do now to deliver on immediately. 

Regulatory Reform: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

In this edition of 5 Minutes for Business, we take a quick walk through federal efforts to address Canada’s regulatory competitiveness problem following last month’s federal budget, and what Canadian business should take away from this.

“A promise made is a debt unpaid,” said Robert W. Service. Despite the federal government recognizing these regulatory problems and promising to the resolve them, many regulators have not given it a second thought.

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