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Canada’s Bitter Breakfast: Climate Regulation and Cost “Pancake” Crushing Canadian Businesses

Climate change is a defining issue of our times and Canadian businesses are prepared to play a role in combatting it, however that willingness is eroding, due to the prohibitive costs Canada’s climate polices have imposed on businesses across the country.

The Unsavory Pancaking of Canada’s Climate Regulations: A High Cost Climate Strategy Canadian Businesses Find Hard to Swallow, the latest report in our Regulate Smarter series, shines a light on the “pancaking” of climate-related costs and regulations. These added costs are almost exclusively put on the shoulders of business owners, particularly the country’s small- and medium-sized businesses.

Balance for Better: Women in Business

With over 1 million self-employed women in Canada and more on the rise, women-led businesses hold the key to not only strengthening Canada’s competitiveness, but the overall economy as well. Despite this increase in female entrepreneurs, women only account for roughly 33% of all self-employed people. This International Women’s Day, we want to draw attention to the necessity of striving for a gender-balanced workplace in order to truly unlock prosperity for all.

This all begs the question though, are Canadians doing what we can to find that balance and be the best we can be in the workplace? Statistics Canada’s findings reveal otherwise, with on average full-time employed women earning 10% less than men. Additionally, women represent nearly half of the workforce, yet 45% of those employed women are working in one of 20 lowest-paying occupations.

A Budget for Business or Bust

With our GDP at a standstill, businesses need to see a focus on protecting and fostering growth in the upcoming federal budget ahead of this year’s federal election. The federal budget is set to be released on March 19, and only time will tell if it will keep in mind the business community’s needs. With small businesses in Canada employing more than 8.2 million Canadians, this budget could be a score or bust for the federal government in its upcoming election.

5 Reasons Why a Vacation Is Good for Business

Most Canadians get around two weeks of vacation a year, some even more, however according to a survey conducted by ADP Canada, only one in three Canadian workers actually take their full vacation time and around 28% of Canadians report...

Can You Dig It? The Future of Mining in Canada

From drones to automated vehicles, technology is not just transforming our personal lives, but Canada’s resource sector as well. In the mining sector alone,autonomous vehicles, aerial data from drones and the use of IOT sensors have the ability to improve day-to-day operations and overall safety. These technologies alone could help to augment our world-class environmental practices and draw foreign investment capital into the sector, ultimately enhancing the competitiveness of Canadian mining.

That being said, achieving digitization of the mining sector in Canada is not without its challenges, Canada must foster a regulatory environment that can support the integration of new technology or else we are hindering resource companies from taking full advantage of all that is available. Successfully integrating high technology will require significant foresight into the possible advantages and challenges of automated mining sites, especially with many of our mining operations being in remote communities with limited infrastructure and harsh environments.

A Taxing Issue for Canada

Remember the days where important working files were saved on a floppy disc, not the cloud? Or bills were paid via mail, not just instantly with the touch of a button on your smartphone? Lots has changed in the last few decades, but unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Canadian taxation. The last time Canada undertook a comprehensive review of its tax system, humankind had yet to set foot on the moon.

It has been five decades of the same old and, sure, it is no a secret that nobody likes the tax man, but that does not mean he should be ignored. Canada has a choice, either keep pace with the rapid rate of change or be left behind.

338 Conversations on Workplace Mental Health

Did you know that half a million Canadians miss work each week due to a mental health related illness? Workplace mental health is a universal concern, which is why we partnered with the Mental Health Commission of Canada to launch 338 Conversations.

338 Conversations is a call to action for all 338 members of Parliament to join forces with local chambers of commerce to promote workplace mental health and encourage the business community to take the steps needed to ensure the mental well-being of their workers.

Businesses have the ability to help shape a healthier and more competitive Canada, but in order to move forward, we must acknowledge that mental health plays an important role in our ability to achieve economic success. This is one of many reasons why we are in the process of adopting the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace, and we encourage you to do the same!

Canadian Chamber of Commerce: A Year In Review

As the voice of business in communities across the country, our network of chambers of commerce, businesses and associations worked together in the best interest of the Canadian business community—and all Canadians—in a year that brought about many challenges and changes.

A lot can happen in one year, but we held strong in our commitments this year by turning challenges into opportunities. Through our advocacy work, the support of our committees and our engaging roundtable discussions, we transformed objectives into action.

Data Privacy Day: With Great Data Comes Great Responsibility

How much information do you personally share or store digitally? What about the company you run or work for? The world is going digital at breakneck speed, which is why this Data Privacy Day we are aiming to increase your awareness of privacy and data protection issues your organization may be facing.

As companies race to implement new technologies, invest in innovation and digitize their data management systems, they are neglecting to commit time and resources to adopt a proactive cybersecurity strategy. Due to the increase in recent years of high-profile cybersecurity breaches, governments have started to introduce regulatory changes such as the Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act in Canada and the General Data Protection Regulation in Europe. Businesses need to keep up with this ever-evolving landscape.

Data Fast Forward: A Prescription for Innovation, Balance and Trust

Data is now the engine of economic growth and prosperity. Countries that promote data’s availability and use for societal good and economic development will lead the fourth industrial revolution and give their citizens a better quality of life.

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