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The Supply Chains that Keep Canada’s Resource Sector Moving

Canada’s business community needs to ensure that Canadians can see not only how our resources move their world, but also how investment in the sector in one part of the country creates opportunities everywhere.

The Unsung Hero of Canadian Transportation: The Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Waterway

Our member, Chamber of Marine Commerce, has shared with us their insights on the safe, efficient and environmentally smart use of marine transportation.

Business-7 Summit: Ensuring Policies Are Creating Opportunities for You

Last week, we participated in the Business-7 (B7) Summit, hosted by our French counterparts from the Mouvement des entreprises de France.

The B7 is one of our key international platforms to put issues on the agenda of G7 countries. While issues discussed at the G7 in a given year are not immediately implemented within our domestic legislation or policies, it plays a key agenda setting role for issues that will be discussed at institutions such as the OECD. Many of those issues at the OECD then find their way into our domestic sphere. This time lag does not equate with ineffectiveness. If anything, it underscores the importance of engaging early to the influence the agenda before its thrust upon us without our input.

Cut Red Tape at the Border with ATA Carnets

Tired of juggling a stack of papers while waiting through long customs lines just to travel with your business’ goods? It is time to cut the red tape at the border with an ATA Carnet!

Automation Not Domination: Building AI Policies That Win

As the third-largest concentration of Artificial Intelligence(AI) experts in the world, Canada has emerged as a leader in the global race to develop AI, but businesses have a lot on their plate keeping up with the rapid pace and complex developments in their industry. AI-enabled systems are increasingly prevalent across all sectors, which is whywe need to ensure our country’s business competitiveness with the proper policies that help businesses stay in the global AI race.

This is why we published three reports following our cross-country roundtable discussions that explore the range of policy options for investment, innovation, integration and workforce sustainability pertaining to AI.

Navigating Distressed Markets: Canada’s slowing economy and sectoral disruption

In the wake of an economic downturn, are you prepared for the challenges and potential opportunities it may bring? Obstacles are surfacing that will fundamentally change the industrial leaderboard.

National Indigenous Peoples Day

Today is National Indigenous Peoples Day, to help us celebrate, our member, Eagle Feather News, has shared with us their insight on the important role Indigenous businesses play in our economy.

“There has never been a better time to be an Indigenous entrepreneur in Canada and here are a few reasons why:

Canada’s mainstream market is huge. Duty to Consult legislation has brought Indigenous people into the economy. It is rare to find a resource company that does not consider Indigenous employment and subcontracting an essential part of their business, but whether you are a resource company or not, the options are endless for indigenous businesses. From communications firms to hair salons, from courier companies to cultural tourism, Indigenous-owned businesses and partnerships are being fostered throughout Canada as we speak.

Back to the Future: Alcohol and Interprovincial Trade Barriers

In this edition of 5 Minutes for Business, we hop in our time machine and take you back through all the interprovincial trade inefficiencies and hopelessly outdated promises made by Canada’s Premiers that are obstructing the liberalization of alcohol trade.

World Environment Day: The Essential Role of Maritime Pilots

Today is World Environmental Day, to help us celebrate, our member, the Canadian Marine Pilots' Association, has shared with us their insight on the important role maritime pilots play in ensuring our environment is protected.


Accessing the Ability of All Canadians

You walk to into the office, juggling a cup of coffee in one hand and your laptop in the other, rushing to your desk where your phone is ringing. This may seem like a typical hectic day at the office for you, but for countless Canadian adults with a physical disability, this would be an impossible day. The environment your business creates has the potential to either access the full ability of your employees or create additional barriers for them.

Canada is inadequately addressing the barriers to accessibility nearly four million Canadians with a mobility, vision or hearing disability face. A barrier-free environment not only betters the quality of life for persons with disabilities, but also dramatically increases labour force participation and consumer spending within our economy. Our members have vocalized finding and retaining skilled staff among their top issues, yet there is an entire pool of educated and qualified Canadians with disabilities who are waiting to be hired.

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