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The Aurora Chamber of Commerce has made critical updates to our By-Laws to conform to new ONCA legislature

Before our upcoming Annual General Meeting, the Aurora Chamber is providing our Members with the chance to familiarize yourselves with the revisions made to our by-laws. These proposed changes will be presented and subject to approval during the Annual General Meeting on September 26. Your participation and majority vote will determine their implementation.
Updating chamber By-Laws to align with the new Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (ONCA) is a pivotal step for organizational compliance. ONCA introduced modernized regulations to enhance transparency, governance, and accountability for non-profit entities. By revising the by-laws, the Aurora Chamber of Commerce can ensure harmonization with the Act's provisions, fostering operational efficiency and legal adherence.
The updates made to the Aurora Chamber By-Laws include:
  • more detailed Board responsibilities, Director eligibility and terms
  • a new section defining Member Meetings
  • a new section outlining Dissolution, as required by ONCA
This proactive approach not only upholds legal standards but also strengthens the chamber's reputation and functionality. Adapting to ONCA showcases a commitment to best practices and reinforces the chamber's role as a credible and responsible institution.
View a copy of our revised By-Laws in the link below.
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