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COVID-19 Rapid Screening Initiative

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Workplace Self-Screening Kits

  • Keep your employees safe with FREE COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Self Screening Kits!
  • Free for all businesses in Aurora with 150 employees or less
  • Asymptomatic employees test themselves twice per week
  • Results take 15-20 minutes

ALERT:  Please be aware that our supply of rapid screening kits was depleted just prior to the holidays.  We are expecting a shipment, however, due to shortages, this has impacted our delivery by a few weeks.  We will not be restocked until the end of January.  If you have submitted an order, we will contact you once they have been delivered to arrange a date/time for pick-up.  We apologize for the delay.


                                Thank you to our Sponsor

Town of Aurora


Screening people in the workplace with rapid antigen testing will help identify individuals with COVID-19 to help protect others from exposure and provide data on viral presence within job sites and communities across Canada.

The goal of this program is to identify individuals who are asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic to prevent them from spreading the COVID-19 virus in the workplace, at home and in the community.

The Aurora Chamber of Commerce will act as a distribution centre for Rapid Antigen Screening kits to be used for self-screening in the workplace under the guidance of proper Health and safety Guidelines provided.

Kits are available for free to all Aurora small and medium businesses (Chamber and non-Chamber members) who have up to 150 employees.  The value of the box of 25 kits is approximately $200 based on known retail information.  Kits are being offered at no cost to businesses because they are funded by the Federal and Provincial Governments.

In order to participate in the Workplace Self Screening program, all participants must agree to immediately report the results on each test day.

The Screening Supervisor Designate will be responsible for reporting all results by clicking the ‘Report Your Results’ on the Aurora Chamber website.

Results will be shared with Health Canada and the Ministry of Health Ontario.

The Process

  1. Assign a Screening Supervisor.  Your Screening Supervisor is the contact person for this program and the individual who is responsible for the training, pick-up of kits, administration of kits, and reporting all screening results to the Aurora Chamber after each testing day.
  2. Place an Order, Sign the PASP (Provincial Antigen Screening Program) Agreement and watch the mandatory training video.  Click the 'Place Your Order for Self-Screening Kits' button below and follow the prompts to complete this step.
  3. Once the kits are received by the Chamber, the Chamber will contact the Screening Supervisor for the business and book a time slot to come and pick up their kits.  Walk-ins will not be accepted.
  4. Times will be booked in 15-minute intervals.  Please bring your phone and use the QR code on the front door or side door to complete and pass a COVID-19 assessment.  Then call 905-727-7262 to have your order brought to you.



Anyone who receives a positive test result through the Workplace Self Screening Kit will need to make arrangements with their local Public Health Unit to receive a PCR test as soon as possible. They must also work with Public Health to determine when it is safe for them to return to work.

Watch the Training Video

Self-Collection for COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Testing

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