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Aurora Chamber of Commerce Manufacturing and Skilled Trades Scholarship Program

The Aurora Chamber of Commerce, who launched the Manufacturing and Skilled Trades Scholarship Program for High School Students in 2023, is pleased to announce that they will be awarding the Scholarship again in 2024.

The Manufacturing and Skilled Trades Scholarship provides financial assistance to TWO eligible students, one for Manufacturing and one for Skilled Trades, who plan to attend a college or university, or a trade school or a work apprenticeship program in manufacturing-related fields, such as mechanical engineering, industrial design, production management, as well as in skilled trades-related fields, such as welding, plumbing, electrical work, and more.

The scholarship program will award 2 scholarships of $5,000 each to eligible high school students who meet the program's criteria. To be eligible for our scholarship program, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a grade 12 high school senior who will be attending a college / university / academic or skilled trades program in the upcoming academic year or workplace apprenticeship program.
  • Have a minimum overall grade of achievement of level 2 (65%+).
  • Must be a permanent resident or Canadian citizen.
  • Must be a student in an Aurora High School or a resident of Aurora, Ontario.
  • Must be between the ages of 17-24 at the time of application.
  • Show evidence of community involvement and leadership potential, such as volunteer work or extracurricular activities.
  • Must answer questions that demonstrate their interest and commitment to their chosen field of study.
  • Consideration will be given to students who are members of underrepresented groups in their field of study or who are pursuing high-demand occupations.

The deadline for applications is 11:59pm SUNDAY MAY 5, 2024, and scholarship recipients will be contacted on May 18th, 2024.

Business Engaging Youth Program

The Business Engaging Youth Program is designed to provide students in Aurora with an opportunity to engage with the business community in a meaningful way. We are looking for a Student Ambassador from your school to be the liaison between the Aurora Chamber of Commerce, its Member businesses, and your student body. This student will attend events and seminars to learn about specific student-centered opportunities within the business community, employment opportunities, mentorship programs, or scholarship programs to advise and share with their peers.


Engaging secondary school youth with local business owners through the Chamber of Commerce is pivotal for fostering economic growth. This symbiotic relationship imparts practical knowledge and cultivates a sense of entrepreneurship among the younger generation. Through mentorship programs and interactive sessions, students gain insights into the local business landscape, sparking innovative ideas and potential career paths.

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This collaboration establishes a strong foundation for future leaders and contributes to a skilled workforce, ultimately fueling economic development. By bridging the gap between academia and industry, the Chamber of Commerce plays a vital role in shaping a dynamic and forward-thinking community, fostering sustainable economic progress.


For information regarding the Scholarship or Business Engaging Youth Program, please contact Alison Mumford.

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